Sapanca Lake 1600 mm GRP Pipeline Project

For Sapanca/Adasu Drinking Water Facility, 582 m. 1600 mm diameter CTP pipe has being laid by digging – 18 / 28 m dept of Canal underwater. Cutter/Suction dredging barge with the capacity of dredging -28 m depth which was designed for this kind of work has opened a 16 m depth canal by digging the solid clay terrain on the bottom of lake.

This is the single dredging machine from the point of view of the dredging depth among those
refilling barges that work with the Cutter / Suction System that has been manufactured in Turkey.
The mud that is being transported to the collection pond at a distance of 300 m is then being discharged to the dump area by trucks.
All the under water procedures of the two pipe lines with diameters of 1.600 cms each that will meet the whole water need of Sakarya Province and which is one of the greatest water intake projects of Turkey are being made by our company.


  • Complete excavation,
  • – 20m operable Cutter/Suction Manufacturing,
  • Ground leveling,
  • The mounting of the underwater pipe,
  • Underwater workmanship,
  • Back fillers.


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