Turkmenistan / Garabogaz 3700 mm GRP Pipeline Project

Installing total 724m Pn10 HDPE Pipeline consisting of 2 lines with 237 m length and 400 mm diameter and single line with 250 m length and 450 mm diameter including entire materials used was made by our company with Turn-Key delivery based contract.
Furthermore, ultrasonic mussel and shipworm preventing system was mounted throughout the pipeline.
In scope of Project, following works were made;
• Welding 474 m HDPE pipes with 400mm diameter + 250m HDPE pipe with 450 mm diameter by means of butt welding.
• Manufacturing sinking blocks.
• Opening channels in -3 m and + 2.5 m elevations in both undersea and land.
• Mounting weight blocks to pipes, sinking pipes into channel and covering them.
• Manufacturing water intake inlets, their montages underwater, installing chlorine pipes and making environmental landscaping.


  • Complete excavation works,
  • Soil levelling,
  • Performing pipe butt welding,
  • Manufacturing sinking blocks,
  • Sinking pipes,
  • Underwater workmanship,
  • Making connections to water intake structure,
  • Back-fillings,
  • Installing chlorine line,
  • Mounting 2×5 Tons concrete water intake crepines.
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