Yunus Emre Power Plant Open Canal Dredging

The 440 meter long and -11 meter deep open canal excavation was performed by our company for the water extraction structure in Sariyar Lake built as a supply of cooling water for 2 X 145 MW Yunus Emre Thermal Plant.
Operation equipment: Tripodal Backhoe/Dredger (Sea I Dredging barge)
During the Project;
• A total of 27,000 m³ claystone was broken and scanned underwater.
• -11 meter deep and 440 meter long canal was dug.
• The excavated material was transported with flap barge.


  • The mobilization of the dredger,
  • Breaking of rock using with hydraulic hammers,
  • Broken rock tarn performed,
  • Dump moved to open.


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