Inebolu Shipyard 14000 m3 Sand and Rock Dredging Project

Inebolu Seaport which is in a district of Kastamonu, Inebolu, has been scanned in -10m depth. In the project one sand pump and floating tripod excavator has been used. Excavated material has been taken into the barge storage and carried on the land.
1. The dredging operation has been completed and the shipyard operated the first ship pooling work.
2. In the operation of dredging the area, 9600 m3 rock has been broken and scanned underwater
Scanned material has been carried to the land in the middle storage of the dredging barge then by approaching to the port the material has been unloaded.


  • The mobilization of the dredger,
  • The establishment and operation of the rescue pump,
  • Breaking of rock using with hydraulic hammers,
  • Dredging of crushed rock,
  • Emptying the material and transported to shore.


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