Garabogaz 3254 m GRP Pipeline Project

Our company will construction water intake and extraction pipelines, through sea, of Factory of Fertilizer which has been being constructed in Turkmenistan/Garaboğaz by GAP Construction Corporation. (KGF-SWIO Project) Total length of 3700 Mm-diameter suction line and 3100 mm-diameter GRP extraction is 3254 meters. GRP pipes of which each one is 18.000 kg will be assembled, by interlacing, on the channel which will be opened by breaking the rock bottom under the sea. Project duration is 2 years and 2 dredgers, 1 during project pipe landing barge, marine vessels, excavators, winchers, diving equipments and our professional team will serve during the project.


  • Up to -6 meters, opening a channel by breaking the terrestrial and marine rock bottom,
  • Levelings of ground,
  • Mounting the GRP pipes in the channel,
  • Backfills,
  • Diffuser mounting,
  • Assemblage of the water intake structure weighing 170 tons in the sea,
  • All diving works,
  • Reporting, creating an archive,
  • Supply of all the equipment,
  • Supply of whole team,
  • Completion of the work on time.


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