Denta Dredging LTD, has been serving with its specialized staff for 21 years in marine construction and dredging industry. Our experience has been growing with the projects we have undertaken in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iraq.

We develop know-how techniques and manufacture job specific equipments for specific projects.

We have been solution partners with Turkey’s leading construction companies for international projects.

Our Company whose main field is marine dredging and underwater construction has been carrying out bottom dredging works in sea, lake, rivers, yacht harbor, and seaport and fısherman shelters by using mechanic and hydraulic tools since 2001.

Our Company, which was founded as an individual firm in 2001, has provided services successfully in various projects and as a result of the experience it earned, we have reconstructed our establishment to Limited type in 2007 and proceeded our works as Denta Dredging and Underwater Construction LTD. After the establishment of our Company in 2001, we have finalized various important projects with success, not only in Turkey but also in some other Countries.


I- Dredging Services :

• Sand and mud dredging works in seas, lakes and rivers.

• Dredging works in hard soil conditions, by underwater breaking of stones, rock, etc.

II- Port Constructions :

• Bottom levelling and concrete block placement works in the jetty constructions.

• Underwater concrete pouring works for ports constructed with moulds.

III- Underwater Constructions :

• Cleaning of intake structures of the power plants and natural gas terminals from mud, mussels and seaweeds.

• The installation of the intake and discharge pipe lines of the power plants, natural gas terminals and waste water treatment plants and repair works of the damages that may occur in the existing lines.

• The cleaning of the mussels on the ports or on the petrol platform piles by rasping them and replacing of the anodes whose periods of uses have expired by removing the old ones and by welding the new ones and the reestablishing of the cathodic protection again.

• Dewatering of the of the piles of the ports or the petrol platforms by dry docking the wave lengths of these and refurbishment works of them by painting with epoxy paint.

• The taking out works of the wrecks and the scraps underneath the water to the land by cutting them under the water.

• The correction works of the amorphous grounds on the parts of the ship slip ways by filling and leveling.

• The maintenance and the repair works of the mooring buoys.

• Underwater video recording works…


  • We follow the developments especially on equipments and techniques in our field , by cooperating with the world’s leading dredging firms.
  • In accordance with the work’s characteristic, we provide tailermade equipments, starting from its design till its manufacturing.
  • Rather than importing, we manufacture our own equipment and operate by using our countries’ possibilities.
  • We always give importance to employ qualified personnel and trainee them time to time.
  • We work on specific projects and be a solution partner of our clients.


  • Shore canal excavation for Turkey-Greece fuel gas pipeline transition project,
  • Sapanca – Adapazari drinking water lake cement solidifying, laying 2×966 m 1600 mm diameter pipes in depth of 28 meters,
  • Golcuk Naval harbor dredging operation,
  • Mersin, Karaduvar wastewater refinement facility, 2105 meters length 1800 mm diameter CRP deep sea discharge. Canal bottom -15 meter dredging, underwater rock breaking,
  • Lake Sapanca 2 X 350 m, 1000 mm diameter HDPE Pipeline,
  • Turkmenistan /Turkmenbası, desalination project underwater pipeline Canal excavation,
  • Mersin (MIP) harbor bottom -15 meter dredging, underwater rock breaking,Inebolu harbor rock dredging,
  • Underwater rock breaking of Rumeli Lighthouse fishermen shelter are some of projects that we take over,
  • We are also providing services that are our fields in the aspect of the field type like diving and underwater operations.
  • Our portal wick-drain installation barge (installation tower 26 m) which has 40 M stature, 12 m width and 2m height is being operated in Büyükcekmece yacht harbor construction.
  • Our Firm has taken over the whole underwater operation of laying 3200 diameters of GRP (CTP) pipe line for the providing cooling off water from sea for Shimal 2 CCPP power plant in Azerbaijan/Baku.
  • In our Istanbul/Buyukcekmece Yacht Harbor construction site, sea bottom reclamation, dredging and filling operations are in progress.
  • In our Kastamonu/Inebolu construction site rock breaking and dredging operation in -10 meters has been completed.
  • Within open canal project for Yunus Emre power plant cooling off water, substantial solid surface terrain (schist, sand rock) has been broken and dredging with hydraulic breakers. Rocks from 0 to 11 meters were crushed and then dredged to -51 meters with both crushers and mud pumps.
  • Thank you for looking into our website that contains general information about our Firm.                                                                                                                        Yours sincerely…



“DOĞAYA SAYGI” ilkesinden hareketle bütün faaliyetlerimizin çevresel etkisini minimuma indirmeyi amaçlayan firmamızın yönetimi, çevreye zarar vermemek konusunda devamlı olarak duyarlı ve dikkatli olacak ve doğal kaynakları korumanın yollarını arayacaktır.

Kurduğumuz Çevre Yönetim Sistemini sürekli geliştirmek ve çevre kirliliğini önlemek amacıyla tüm çalışanlarımıza eğitim vermeyi, eğitimin sürekliliğini, yürürlükte bulunan çevreyle ilgili mevzuat ve idarî düzenlemelere, kendiliğinden tâbi olduğu diğer şartlara uymayı kabul ve taahhüt ederiz.



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