I- Dredging Services :

• Sand and mud dredging works in seas, lakes and rivers.

• Dredging works in hard soil conditions, by underwater breaking of stones, rock, etc.

II- Port Constructions :

• Bottom levelling and concrete block placement works in the jetty constructions.

• Underwater concrete pouring works for ports constructed with moulds.

III- Underwater Constructions :

• Cleaning of intake structures of the power plants and natural gas terminals from mud, mussels and seaweeds.

• The installation of the intake and discharge pipe lines of the power plants, natural gas terminals and waste water treatment plants and repair works of the damages that may occur in the existing lines.

• The cleaning of the mussels on the ports or on the petrol platform piles by rasping them and replacing of the anodes whose periods of uses have expired by removing the old ones and by welding the new ones and the reestablishing of the cathodic protection again.

• Dewatering of the of the piles of the ports or the petrol platforms by dry docking the wave lengths of these and refurbishment works of them by painting with epoxy paint.

• The taking out works of the wrecks and the scraps underneath the water to the land by cutting them under the water.

• The correction works of the amorphous grounds on the parts of the ship slip ways by filling and leveling.

• The maintenance and the repair works of the mooring buoys.

• Underwater video recording works…

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